Wool is cool

Wool isn’t just for sweaters anymore.  It’s making its way into everyday products like underwear and athletic shoes as well as high-tech, life-saving systems to be used in space.  It’s soft yet durable, it’s naturally odor, bacteria and fire resistant and it’s a natural insulator.  Wool is also an environmentally sustainable material that, if left untreated with chemicals is also compostable.

Sound like a magical material?  We think so.  It meets the lifestyle needs of our customers without introducing harmful chemicals to their homes, that’s why we chose to make our first two rugs out of 100% undyed, untreated New Zealand wool.

Wool is High-Tech

For a natural product that takes sheep a year to grow, wool has surprisingly high-tech qualities.  Its electrostatic properties catch harmful particles and its protein structure catches harmful toxins and gases, making it a natural air purifier for your floor.  Wool fibers are also hygroscopic which means they absorb and release moisture, creating a natural thermostat that helps to maintain stable temperatures (both on your body in the case of clothing and in your home in the case of our rugs).

The oil wool fibers retain, even after washing, make the material naturally resistant to grease and dirt, which makes a wool rug perfect for high-traffic areas of your home.  And wool’s odor-resistant properties are touted by sailors who claim it’s the only material that doesn’t smell after weeks at sea.

The last cool, high-tech property we’ll mention, is the surprising strength of wool fibers.  You can bend an untreated wool fiber 20,000 times before it breaks.  That means your wool rug will stand up to compression from furniture, feet and even rough housing by the most active members of your family, without looking like it’s been put through the ringer.

Wool is Sustainable

Since wool has all of those great natural properties, it requires less energy during the manufacturing process.  It doesn’t need acid or chemical additives in order meet consumers’ requirements and it comes in attractive, neutral colors, negating the need for harmful dyes. 

If left untreated, wool is also compostable, and can be repurposed for a variety of uses such as home ventilation.

Wool is Special

Wool is grown, not made.  It takes a sheep a year to grow a fleece and it can take a farmer up to seven years to breed his or her sheep to produce the right quality of wool fiber the market demands.  There aren’t any shortcuts or hormones that can speed up the process.  It is what it is. 

That means in the current microwave culture, where manufacturers cut corners and add chemicals to produce the fastest, cheapest thing, 100% wool products are special.  They have everything you need and they meet those needs naturally, without much industrial intervention.  You’ll even notice that our wool rugs come in two beautiful yet neutral colors.  That’s because our farmers have two colors of sheep. 

Only the best

We source our wool from New Zealand which has the strictest animal welfare and environmental regulations in the world.  They were the first wool-producing country to outlaw the controversial practice of mulesing, where farmers cut off the backside hide of a sheep in order to produce smoother skin, and they ensure the life and environment of the sheep functions in concert with its surroundings.  That means farm operations never contaminate local land or water systems, nor do they endanger the future usability of that land, and the sheep are allowed to roam free and graze, herded by dogs that don’t bark.

Our goal is to help people create a naturally healthy nest. We do that by providing you with products made with materials sourced for their purity and sustainability.

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