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Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

Tip: Improve your home air quality
This might surprise you, but even if you live in an urban environment, the air quality inside your home could be worse than what’s outside. That’s because dust isn’t just skin particles and lint, but can actually carry little pieces of chemicals that have broken off of the other products in your home. When you breathe this stuff in, it can cause all kinds of problems from asthma to developmental issues in children.

Here are four easy ways to improve the air quality in your home

1. Open your windows

You might read this and say, “Duh.”  But you might be surprised at the amount of time your windows stay shut, especially in winter.  The simple act of opening your windows exchanges the polluted air inside for the fresh air outside, helping to immediately improve the air quality of your home.  If you live near an industrial site or there’s another air quality emergency like smog, it’s best to keep your windows closed and instead invest in a strong air filter.   

2. Dust and vacuum regularly

Opening your windows alone will improve the polluted air that’s there, but it won’t prevent more polluted air from forming.  To do that, you need to remove the air pollutants by dusting and vacuuming regularly.  Dust every surface, vacuum all carpets, rugs, couches and other furniture, sweep and mop your floors—and when you do it, open your windows so you’re less likely to breathe in the pollutants while you clean.

3. Get rid of dampness and mold

People who live in damp and moldy homes are at a 40% increased risk for developing asthma.  So if you know or suspect you have mold in your home, hire an inspector to assess the problem then remediate it.  Your health is worth the trouble.

4. Get a heavy duty air filter

There are lots of different models on the market but the best will trap and destroy dust, VOCs, mold, viruses and other air pollutants.