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Avoid Products Containing Flame Retardants at all Costs

Avoid products containing flame retardantsAvoid products containing flame retardants
We get it, the idea of a flammable product that resists flame sounds like the safest thing in the world. But the chemicals manufacturers use to make their products fire resistant are actually super harmful to your health and the environment. They can disrupt your endocrine system and lower your children’s IQ and because they can be absorbed through the skin or ingested or inhaled from the dust in your home, it’s important to avoid flame retardants at all costs.

Here are three easy tips to avoiding flame retardants

Read the product label

You could potentially find flame retardants on most home furnishings like mattresses, couches, carpets, curtains and baby products like car seats.  Some products will tout their flame retardant benefits, so avoiding those is easy.  But for other products, read the ingredients list.

Contact the manufacturer

Manufacturers aren’t required to list every ingredient in their products, so if you don’t see a flame retardant listed on the product label, but you’re not sure if you can trust it, contact the manufacturer.

Opt for wool

If you’re choosing between wool and foam-based products, it’s always best to go with wool.  Wool is naturally resistant to flame, mold, stains and odors and it’s hypoallergenic.   

Are you looking to dive deeper? Check out this scientific article on flame retardants: