Rugs made from water bottles

Our polyester rugs are 100% made from recycled water bottles. They're machine-washable and free of any harmful chemicals or compounds.

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River Path

2 colors 3 sizes

$ 49.99 $ 64.99

Give your home the feeling of a Zen retreat with the River Path rug. It's ultra-soft texture will provide a nice respite at the end of the day and the different sizes and colors are easily mixed and matched to create the perfect design for any room.

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Airy Flowers

1 size 4 shapes

$ 69.99 $ 89.99

Our flower field collection brings that magical feeling of spring to any room. And since our rugs so easy to take care of and good for the planet, they’ll give you that warm fuzzy feeling over and over again.

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Blooming Flower

1 size

$ 229.99 $ 289.99

Inspired by the energetic lines and symmetries of flower petals, our Blooming Flower provides a dynamic focal point for any room or play area. And because it’s non-toxic and made of super soft polyester (one of the cleanest materials around), it doesn’t just look good, it’s good for you too.

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Paradise Feathers

2 sizes

$ 169.99 $ 219.99

Just like the bright colors and wild calls of paradise birds, our Feathers rug makes a statement. Its plush texture compliments the elegant and bold design and did we mention you can throw it in the washing machine?

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