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Paradise Feathers

Just like the bright colors and wild calls of paradise birds, our Feathers rug makes a statement. Its plush texture compliments the elegant and bold design and did we mention you can throw it in the washing machine?

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Machine Washable

Whether you have kids, pets or you’re simply a red wine enthusiast, we think you’ll appreciate the ability to throw your rug in the washing machine. No need for toxic rug and carpet cleaners, just a standard-sized washer and laundry detergent will do the trick.

100% recyclable

A Canary rug isn't just 100% recyclable, we'll even recycle it for you! Just send the rug back when you're done enjoying it, and we'll pay you 15% of the purchase price.

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100% healthy

Canary rugs are made of the cleanest and purest materials like undyed New Zealand wool and recycled water bottles. They're free of any harmful chemicals and manufactured to keep you and the planet healthy.

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No pad, no glue

With a Canary rug, there’s no need to buy a pad or messy tape or glue to keep it in place. Our proprietary “Gecko Strips” use the same micro-adhesion technology found in a gecko’s toes and adhere the rug to your floor without leaving marks or stains.  All you have to do is walk on it!  Should the Gecko Strips lose adhesion, a quick wash with dish soap and water will give them their powers back.

Paradise Feathers
Blissful elegance in a unique design rug

The elegance and structure of feathers are nature’s engineered design to give birds lightness and stability when spreading their wings. The Paradise Feathers modular designed rug inspires any room with its unique design and features.

The Paradise Feathers rug is machine washable, soft on your feet, free of any harmful chemicals and 100% recyclable. Good for you, your health and the planet. Their unique and proprietary design allows for maximum softness and lightness, adhering safely and strongly to the floor with our proprietary micro-adhesion technology that leaves no marks or stains.

The carpet that holds no secrets

What’s behind our products?

We have partnered with DSM Niaga and Provenance to create the first ever blockchain tracked rug in the world.

Why care? Because we want to ensure full transparency in our supply chain. Through this journey you can see all the suppliers that have made the creation of our rug products possible. You can google them and see what they do. You can even call them if you would like. Our goal and the goal of our partners is to work together to ensure there are no secrets for you or others who will purchase our products. Try it out and let us know your thoughts!