Our purpose

Why we get up in the morning

We believe that every home should be a healthy nest.

Safe for you

Why should you be surrounded by products that make you sick and make it difficult for you to breathe? Well, it is about time to say: “stop!” to this madness and demand safer home products.

Our products are absolutely healthy for you and your family, as they undergo rigorous testing beyond what any certification may ever prove. We design them in collaboration with scientists and toxicologists to ensure you have the best possible product. 

Good for the planet

We live in a world where we throw things away. But where is away? Every year, billion square pounds of furniture ends in the landfill, being the highest source of landfill pollution by volume. Why should we live this way? 

At Canary, we make products so they can be reused or recycled again and again, keeping them out of the landfill. Good for the planet, good for humankind in the long run.

How we achieve our goals

Through knowledge and design

We couple of passion for healthy & sustainable living with our knowledge of materials and our design philosophy centered around simplicity and reversibility of products

Product design

Choose the safest materials

Harnessing science to choose the safest materials for manufacturing

Design with the end in mind

Circular model of creating/constructing the product with the end in mind designing out toxicity and waste

Control our suppliers

Controlling partners using blockchain technology securing efficiency and transparency throughout the supply chain. Check it out yourself and tell us what you think!

Test products and ingredients

Pro-actively testing all our products on toxicity and environmental impact ensuring no harm to health and planet.

Share our knowledge

Health Tips

Living a healthy life is not always easy of fun. Here is where we try to make it easy for you! We have put together several tips to make your life easier by sharing our knowledge in small bites. Follow our social channels for weekly tips and conversations about healthy living!


What should you think about when walking into a store? What are the big health challenges of our century? What chemicals are bad for you and your family? Check out our blogs for information about this and more! Also follow our social channels for weekly tips and conversations about healthy living!

Inspired by nature, built with science.

We do it all for the next generation and for our planet. Join us in our movement towards clean, safe, and sustainable home products for all. 

  • 100% toxic free
  • 100% recyclable
  • made from water bottles