Buy a Rug, and We’ll Buy it Back

When You’re Done Using it, Of Course

At Canary, we’re changing the standard for home products.  We design with the end in mind, ensuring that everything we make can either be recycled or reused so that nothing ends up in a landfill or as toxic waste.  And because we know not only that our rugs can be recycled, but also how to do it, we’ll buy your rug back from you so we can make sure the recycling gets done.

Why Our Rugs can be Recycled

Generally speaking, conventional rugs are too complex to be recycled.  They’re made of approximately 100 different materials, some of them toxic, and the glue that binds the top to the bottom is latex, which can’t be broken down without destroying the entire rug in the process.

But our rugs are much simpler

The wool rug is made from 100% undyed, New Zealand wool (the best wool in the world), and rPET, the greenest, most recyclable food-grade plastic in the world.  And our polyester rugs are near to 100% rPET, making the entire rug a recyclable plastic that can even go in the washing machine.

The best part about our rugs is the glue

Our founder invented a glue made from rPET that unclicks at a certain temperature, separating the top of the rug from the bottom.  This allows us to recycle all rPET components into other rugs or as post-consumer plastic that can be used in other industries.  If the wool is in good condition, we’ll wash it and reuse it in other rugs.  If it’s not in top condition, we’ll sell it for use as insulation or for one of the 100’s of other uses companies have found for wool.

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