A Rug as Innocent as a lamb

We’ve paired the world’s purest, softest premium New Zealand wool with one of its cleanest recycled materials to make a beautiful rug that’s actually healthy for your baby.

Happy Sheep, Happy feet

The top of our rug is made from 100% pure, undyed premium wool sheered from New Zealand sheep. Why New Zealand? Because New Zealand sheep roam freely, feeding on grass, breathing clean air, and they’re herded by special sheep dogs that don’t even bark. They lead quite happy lives and because of this, they produce the softest wool.

A Water Bottle Reborn

The backing and adhesive for our rugs are made from polyester, one of the cleanest and most recyclable materials on the planet. It’s also gentle enough for your baby’s skin. But where does it come from? Well, after you throw your plastic water bottle in the blue bin, we clean it, put it through a special process and the plastic is reborn as threads for the backing. It’s not quite magic, but it feels like it.

A Healthy Nest for Every Family

Your home is more than a structure, it’s the place where you become a family. We also want it to be the healthiest place on earth and we know this requires more than the most innocent of rugs. It requires crib mattresses and furniture; it requires paint so clean you put it on your walls the day before your baby comes home. While we’re finalizing development on all that, we want to offer you perhaps the most important product of all: information. We want to be a resource for you as well as a provider of goods so we’ll be giving you tips and tricks on building a healthy home. And we encourage you to share the things you’ve found. You’re not just our customers, you’re our community. Let’s keep each other healthy.

We believe what makes a healthy family, makes a healthy planet.

Pick up service

We treat our materials as you would treat your baby and because of this, we’ll come pick up your rug when you’re done enjoying it. We’ll even pay you for it! Pure materials are getting harder to find so we’ve consciously designed our products so they can be fully recycled and reused.

The Canary Family

We’re a diverse group of scientists and parents united by the belief that everyone deserves a healthy home. We’re committed to making products from the purest materials and ensuring their recyclability so that healthy children and families can thrive for generations to come. We’re also committed to transparency. There’s no secrets, surprises or gimmicks in our products, just premium materials, healthy for you and then planet.